Full disclosure: AppState in A Day was initiated by CRU, a Christian club on campus. As followers of Christ, we are seeking to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbors fully and unconditionally. We would be the first to admit that we often fall short on both accounts. Our hope is that our questions this week would ultimately be an act of love: listening to our neighbors and engaging at a heart level. Things that we think rarely happen in daily interaction.

Last fall, we came together and invited App Students to join us and share their perspective on human nature, the meaning of life, who Jesus is, and what is the source of spiritual truth. Through out the week, hundreds of conversations took place, as a diverse group of people was brought together in honest conversation. After this some of us began thinking, “We have heard so many different stories of life from so many people, but how do they all fit together?”

We thought that how neat would it be to give everyone the opportunity to share their story and show how connected we all are. We want to frame these stories with the three simple questions everyone thinks about: What gives you hope, what do you fear, and where are you going?

We believe that every second in live matters and that there is a reason behind the supposed madness of life. We would love to share what we have discovered if you are willing to listen. Who knows? Which do stories have the greatest impact on anyway,the speaker or the listener? Let’s find out on March 29th.

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